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Using CND (Creative Nail Design) products, the market leaders in nail care and “valued globally by the nail profession as their preferred resource for reliable products”. Continuously developing pioneering products and services to give you only the best final results. Be it your hands or feet, flawlessly groomed and polished nails are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Vinylux is the industry’s most innovative professional nail polish on the market. Its high shine makes it look like a gel polish, and its 7 day chip free formula gives you the durability you’ve always wanted from a varnish!

Mini Manicure
A quick treatment for that instant boost to your nails including filing and polishing of the nails and moisturising the hands.
Classic Manicure
All the benefits of a mini manicure plus cuticle work to enhance the beauty of your nails and cleansing and massaging of the hands.
Spa Manicure
A truly indulgent manicure experience with CND’s spa citrus products. Your hands will be nourished with an oil cleanser, smoothed with exfoliant, treated with a mask and soothed and massaged with moisturising cream. Cuticles will be groomed and nails filed before being polished with your choice of colour.
Mini Pedicure
A quick treatment to spruce up those tootsies with toes being filed and polished and feet moisturised.
Classic Pedicure
Includes all the benefits of a mini pedicure with additions of cuticle work, buffing of hard skin and cleansing of the feet.
Spa Pedicure
Luxury for your feet with CND’s marine spa pedicure products. Your feet will be immersed in an anti-inflammatory foot bath, exfoliated with marine salt crystals, treated with a cooling mask and massaged with a hydrating yet soothing foot cream. Hard skin will be removed, cuticles will be preened and nails will be cut and filed before being polished with your choice of colour.
Shellac 14+ Day Nail Colour
Shellac is the 1st hybrid nail colour that we in the industry are calling a “power polish”. Shellac is different to all the ‘gel polishes’ that seem to be taking the market by storm and here is why… A gel polish will cause dehydration to the nail plate, the nail has to be buffed prior to application and has to be filed during removal or soaked in acetone for a substantial period of time, this will cause damage to your natural nail and the skin surrounding it. With Shellac there is no need to buff the nail before application, it does not dehydrate the nail and it actually helps to strengthen and grow your own natural nails plus removal takes just 5 minutes with a nourishing remover with no filing or drilling to the nail. Shellac goes on like polish and wears like gel. It is chip free, has zero dry time and has a crystal shine finish, so why wait for your nail varnish to dry when you can Shellac!

Shellac can be added to any of the manicure and pedicure services detailed above. Removal is complimentary if being reapplied in the same appointment.

Because Shellac is chip free and wears like gel it means it lasts a lot longer than polish and always looks like you have come straight from the salon, in fact you won’t need to change your Shellac until your nails start to grow out! Please note that Shellac MUST be removed by your therapist so that it is done professionally, if you sit and pick off your Shellac you will damage your own nails underneath.

Nail Art
All nail art is done using free hand techniques, this means that not every nail will always look the same however this does mean that every design is unique for you!

Rockstars are full on glitter nails for that extra bit of bling, this is created by burnishing cosmetic grade glitter into your shellac, it comes in a variety of colours and finishes such as fine, iridescent and holographic!

Ombré nails are that two-tone look that’s been all the rage where one colour effortlessly blends into another. This can be achieved with glitter or with additives which are a very fine pigment powder that can be used to achieve a bespoke colour for you. 

IBX is an innovative two part system which aims to strengthen and repair your natural nails. This can help if you have naturally weak nails enabling them to grow or even nails that are prone to peeling and flaking. This can be used under any manicure or pedicure treatment but is recommended as a course of treatments to get the best possible results.


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